The Muwee's 10 Best Music Production Plugins

TDR Feedback compressor II

Compressor that compresses the output signal rather than traditional input.

TDR Nova

Parametric, parallel and dynamic EQ with a great visual.

Valhalla Freq Echo

Frequency shifter+analog echo simulation. Perfect for darker atmospheres.

Magical 8bit plug

Magical 8bit Plug is a plug-in style software-synthesizer for producing primitive electronic sounds like the old 8bit game consoles.

Wider (Infected Mushroom/Polyverse)

Wider takes the massively popular stereo section from its sibling, Manipulator, and creates the illusion of an expanded stereo image of a mono signal to an awe-inspiring amount of width. However, Wider is a unique stereo plugin in the sense that it is completely “mono-compatible”, meaning that any signal that has been extended will always remain in phase with itself, even if summed to mono.

Frohmage (Ohm Force)

High quality filter plugin with cheese naming skills. Is this a toy? Certainly not. It may be generously offered for free, however it's also a powerful filter that you will be likely to use very frequently in your tracks.

Vocal Doubler (Izotope)

Voice doubler plugin with an intuitive interface and smooth sound.

Visual Mixer (Izotope)

Mixer plugin that makes it possible to move voices around (balance+pan) in the mix by dragging them around in a 2D space. (Pair with Izotope Relay). It comes free with a demo version of Neutron, it stays on your computer also when the demo is out.

SPAN (Voxengo)

Good looking and popular real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer.


Lush stereo chorus - standalone version of the TAL-U-NO-LX chorus (emulation of legendary Roland JUNO-60)